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Made to be Seen

Peppers Cable Glands and Accessories are engineered so beautifully you could almost be persuaded to wear them. A brand seventy-five years in the making, over time Peppers has cornered the market for the ultimate in design and functionality – creating a product that exudes quality and purpose and leaves its competitors in the shadows.


Designer Products at Project Pricing

Don’t be fooled by its packaging and projection – you won’t be paying through the nose for it. We’re not giving them away either, but you get what you pay for and with Peppers, you get a lot.

• Quality
• Speed
• Results
• Solutions
• Alternatives
• Answers


What we’re in the business for…

We’re not in the business to oversell, nor are we in the business to cut corners – what we are in the business for is to deliver solutions honestly. Our cable glands and accessories are as good as we say they are but what makes us stand out is the service that accompanies them.

Our team of experts are dedicated to their craft – we make sure our customers not only get the cable glands they need, but the accessories that are imperative to the success of the project.

You might not know what else you’ll need to get the project underway, but you can rest assured that we do. When multi-million pound projects can be delayed because a product is missing, you cannot afford not to be with Peppers.


Always read the label

Our cable glands and accessories are fully certified and compliant – if the label is as important to you as it should be, Peppers is one you’d be happy to show off.