Peppers has always been committed to creating futureproof products and whether it’s our Eclipse range of fully inspectable barrier glands or our Nylon Plugs, our focus is always on ensuring our customers are getting the most sustainable product on the market.  But perhaps our most innovative and durable engineering and design accomplishment is actually not that new to us – in fact, the option to have our cable glands made from Eco-Brass has been available for over ten years.  As the world changes and increasing demands are put upon suppliers to create a more sustainable supply chain solution, we wanted to remind our customers that Peppers is ready to discuss your Eco-Brass requirements now.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement at present, we believe the industry is heading in that direction, and so by converting to Eco-Brass now, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

This is the future of production – and we embrace it.

Talk to us about converting to lead-free today.