Eclipse is here

The Eclipse™ range of barrier gland products is entirely designed to ensure error free installation and on-site time saving. We’ve achieved this by using a simple compound retention seal and a hand operated cartridge incorporating a vortex mixing system which allows the installer to work confidently and effectively.
We observed that although there were other two part fast setting resin systems on the market, these systems did not allow for any inspection inside the sealing chamber. How would the installer know if an effective introduction of compound has been dispensed between the cable cores to create the required gas tight seal? With this in mind we felt we could truly offer a solution to this concern and designed the Eclipse™ range with our unique “no ferrule technology” so that the compound can be retracted and inspected. If a mistake has been made wouldn’t you rather find it before it gets installed?
It’s an exciting time for us here at Peppers, and we feel Eclipse™ cements us as market leaders who truly offers solutions that are simple to install with a product and service that can be relied on.”
Eclipse™ has been designed to be used with our new T2000 Compound and the existing T1000 Compound. As with our current barrier range they will continue to be deluge proof without the requirements of additional seals or boots.
Available for both unarmoured and armoured cables with their new multi-armour clamping system as well as cables housed within conduit. All metric thread are supplied with a built in interface seal.

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